Finding the Right Hairdresser For Curly, Wavy Or Textured Hair

For anyone with curly, wavy or textured hair, finding a great hairdresser isn’t always easy. Many so-called specialist curly hair salons fall short of their promises, promoting chemical straightening or other standard salon services alongside their proclaimed expertise in curly hair (or more specifically, their preferred creative bias). Others promote product-reliant CGM and provide results that don’t support individual hair texture, lifestyle and care preferences.

Thankfully, a genuine, highly competent curl specialist exists. A true specialist is able to provide knowledge and results that perfectly support your natural hair texture, lifestyle and care preferences. They’re also able to offer the best possible advice for how you can live your very best curly hair life.

Located in the eastern suburbs’ bible belt of beauty, Rhodes Hair & Spa is the go-to salon for curl love. Swathed in Aveda aromas, they’re home to a team of specialised curl stylists that include colourists and dry curl cutters. Ask for Hermiz and get ready to embrace your spirals. He knows his way around a curl better than most can even backwards, blindfolded. He’s a master of all things curly, and this is one salon that has ‘lock love’ written all over it. hairdresser curly hair melbourne

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