Ford Bronco Hard Tire Cover

The Bronco’s interior feels spacious and the nooks and crannies provide plenty of storage. There’s also a suite of useful off-road driver aids that can be deployed either manually for experienced drivers or automatically through different drive modes for novices.

Many owners upgrade the standard transmission with a Ford C6 AOD or NP435 transmission. Others swap in a larger engine and suspension upgrades are also popular.

Protects Your Spare Tire

Ford Broncos are a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts, and they can be customized with a variety of accessories. These upgrades can improve the vehicle’s off-road capabilities and appearance at an affordable cost. Popular accessories include lift kits, off-road lights, and tire covers. These products protect the tire from dirt, debris, and UV rays while enhancing the vehicle’s appearance.

The 2023 Ford Bronco is an excellent off-road SUV that delivers impressive capability with minimal sacrifices to on-road drivability. The rugged SUV comes with a spacious interior and plenty of storage options. The front and rear locking differentials help to maintain control on rough terrain, while the large BF Goodrich KO2 tires provide great traction.

This spare tire cover is an easy way to upgrade your Bronco and keep it protected from the elements. It features a custom fit and is made from high-quality materials. It’s also durable and easy to clean. The weatherproof fabric is soft and water-proof, and the cover comes with a drawcord to keep it secure.

The sun’s UV rays can damage the spare tire and cause it to discolor. Since tailgate-mounted spares don’t rotate, they get “sunburned” in the same spot every day. This tire cover protects the spare from harmful UV rays and keeps it looking new. It’s available in a variety of colors and features a stylish drawcord design.

Prevents Dirt & Debris From Accumulating

Spare tires are a vehicle owner’s best friend, allowing you to get back on the road fast when one of your tires is flat. However, if your spare tire is mounted outside your vehicle, it can quickly become dirty and damaged by the elements. Our Ford Bronco spare tire covers help to prevent dust, dirt, flying trail debris and inclement weather from accumulating on your spare. This collection also features eye-catching bald eagle designs that let you display your patriotism.

Easy To Install

Spare tires are a must-have for all vehicle owners, since they help you out of a jam when one of your tires gets damaged. Keeping your spare tire protected with a custom cover will ensure it remains in great shape and ready to use should the need arise. Our tire covers shield your spare from dirt, dust, flying trail debris and inclement weather conditions.

Hand screen printed and sewn locally in Orlando Florida. Heavy 5/32″ elastic shock-cord is sewn into the hem to keep your tire cover tight and snug (not loose and sloppy like universal “one-size fits all” covers). Professional upholstery welt on exposed edges adds a finished, professional look and also strengthens the cover for longer wear.

The eye-catching designs in this collection include patriotic bald eagles that showcase your American pride, as well as dog prints for those who love their pets. The high-resolution printing process embeds the color into the vinyl instead of sitting on top of it, which prevents fading over time.

Custom Fit

The Ford Bronco is a classic off-road vehicle that can take you on many adventures. When you’re driving off the beaten path, it is important to have a spare tire cover to protect your tire from dirt and debris that can be kicked up by other vehicles or the elements. This is why we have created this collection of Ford Bronco spare tire covers. You can find a wide variety of eye-catching designs that are perfect for any off-road enthusiast. This includes several American bald eagle designs, which are a great way to show your patriotism. We also have a few designs that feature dogs, which are a good choice if you have any animal lovers in your family.

These covers are made in Orlando, Florida by a company that has been making Dealership tire covers for many years. They are made from automotive grade vinyl that is water proof, dust proof and provides nearly 100% UV protection. The edges are cleanly finished with upholstery welt, which adds a professional look and also helps to prevent the exposed thread from rotting in the sun.

This is a genuine Ford accessory and is covered by the accessory manufacturer’s limited warranty. See your local Ford Dealer for details and a copy of the warranty. Offer valid on qualifying sets of four tires only. Discount applies to the cost of the tires only and does not include installation, valve stems, mounting, balancing, disposal fees, taxes or other fees. Ford Bronco hard tire cover

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