How to Tell When You Need Emergency AC Services

The heat of the summer puts a significant strain on AC systems, and there are many reasons why homeowners require emergency ac services. Some issues are serious and can be life-threatening, while others can wait for a regular repair or service visit. The key is to understand the difference between a cooling issue that requires emergency repairs and one that can wait until the next day.

A few situations that should always be considered AC emergencies include:

Unsafe Odors
If you smell any strange, odorous or unpleasant scent when the air conditioning system is running, it should immediately be shut off and an emergency repair technician called in. A sulfurous, skunk-like smell may indicate that there is a natural gas leak in the ductwork, and this could be very dangerous or deadly. A sweet, cloying smell can also indicate that there is a refrigerant leak. This is another serious problem that needs to be dealt with immediately, as inhaling refrigerant can cause lung damage and allergic reactions.

No Cooling
A lack of cooled air from your AC should always be considered an emergency issue. This can be especially dangerous for infants, elderly persons or anyone else who is particularly vulnerable to the effects of a hot home.

Oftentimes, an inability to produce a sufficient amount of cooled air can be caused by electrical problems. If left unchecked, these problems can lead to fires or other serious property damage. If you are experiencing an issue with your electrical system, it is best to call in an emergency HVAC professional immediately. Emergency ac services

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