How to Use a Rose Quartz Roller to Get Rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

For those not in the know, a rose quartz roller is a tool used to massage your face, neck, and jawline, with the goal of removing toxins from the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, evening out skin tone, contouring the face and bringing a general sense of relaxation and well-being. It is thought that the Rose quartz crystal in the roller carries with it the vibrations of self-love, acceptance and happiness which can help boost a person’s mood, helping them to feel calmer and more confident.

Rose quartz is also known as the stone of love and is said to encourage positive emotions like compassion, forgiveness, and empathy. It is considered to be a crystal of the heart chakra, which corresponds to our inner beauty.

It is a common belief that a facial roller can stimulate blood flow, improve collagen production, reduce the appearance of pores, tighten the jawline and cheekbones, smooth out skin texture, lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness and swelling, promote relaxation and de-stressing, and boost the radiance of the skin. This is why the rose quartz roller has become so popular amongst the beauty and wellness community.

Jade and crystal rollers have been popular for years in Asian skincare rituals, but the rose quartz roller has recently exploded on social media due to its purported holistic and spiritual benefits. It is said to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, increase natural collagen, diminish wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, reduce puffiness and hydrate the skin. A facial massage is also a great way to get rid of stress and tension in the face, neck, and jaw area which can lead to clenching the teeth.

The face and neck are full of tiny, bean-like structures called lymph nodes that are responsible for filtering out toxins under the skin. These lymph nodes can become clogged by pollution, toxins and other harmful substances. A rose quartz facial roller can help drain lymph nodes and eliminate toxins from the skin. When the lymph nodes are draining, the skin is able to appear more sculpted and reduce water retention which can cause under-eye bags and puffiness.

To use your rose quartz roller, start with clean skin. Apply your favourite serum, cream or facial oil to the skin, and then massage the roller over your face, neck, jawline, and chin in an upward motion. Start at your clavicle, and move along the jawline and up to your temples. Continue rolling until your face is fully drained and your neck is relaxed.

Tip: If you are struggling with puffy eyes, place the rose quartz roller in the fridge before use for an instant spa-level cooling experience. You can also place it on your desk at work for a quick depuffing session throughout the day.

When buying a rose quartz roller, be sure it is made with real crystal. It should feel cool to the touch, and be smooth and consistent in colour and texture. It is a good idea to check the surface of your roller for embedded white streaks which are a tell-tale sign it is genuine rose quartz.

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