Mushroom Cultivation Supplies

Mushroom cultivation supplies are a necessary part of any mushroom grow operation. There are many different types of tools and equipment that can be used depending on the needs of each individual cultivator. Some of the most important supplies include a microscope and a hygrometer or temperature gauge.

Using the right tools can make it much easier to do certain tasks, such as transferring mycelium from Petri dishes to grain spawn. A scalpel is a must-have for this task, as it allows you to move mycelium with great precision. A variety of other specialized tools can also be used, such as a tweezers for picking fruited mushrooms and an alcohol wipe for cleaning up mistakes or contamination. A syringe is also useful for injecting mycelium into substrate.

The next critical mushroom cultivation supply is a good, tested substrate formula. This determines what nutrients mycelium has access to. There are several different mushroom cultivation supplies for substrate, but a popular choice is a mixture of sawdust, soybean hulls, and wheat bran. This combination is ideal for exotic mushrooms like oyster, lion’s mane, and pioppino.

Another critical item is a steamer or flow hood, which provides an environment that can be autoclaved and steamed to sterilize the substrate, allowing for high yields and excellent results. A hygrometer or temperature gauge is also crucial for ensuring that the correct temperatures and humidity levels are maintained inside of a fruiting chamber. A fan can be helpful for providing additional air circulation in the fruiting chamber, helping to keep fresh oxygen flowing while venting out stale air.

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