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Thousands of people suffered minor injuries, including bruises and sprains. Some had their limbs amputated as a result of falling masonry or when buildings collapsed.

The February earthquake damaged a number of older unreinforced brick and masonry buildings, many of which had been damaged in the September earthquake. It also caused the collapse of the CTV and PGC buildings, killing 115 and 18 people respectively.

Capturing the Perfect Moment

Real estate photography is a unique combination of art and business. To succeed, photographers must develop an artistic style that appeals to home buyers. They also need to be able to accurately portray their subjects. Achieving this requires knowledge of lighting, composition and editing techniques. For example, it is important to avoid using ultra-wide-angle lenses, which can cause distortion in photos. Instead, real estate photographers should use a focal length starting at 14 mm or 16 mm.

Another key aspect of real estate photography is capturing a property’s outdoor space. This can be difficult, especially in a small space, but it is possible. A good way to do this is by using a drone to capture aerial shots of the property from different angles and to show its proximity to amenities like parks, beaches and reserves. This can add value to the property by demonstrating that it is in a desirable location.

Drone photography is also useful for showing off the size of a property. This can be useful for lifestyle blocks where it is difficult to get a decent view of the whole property from ground level. It can also be used to highlight features that would not be apparent in a standard photo, such as the size of a swimming pool or a large deck.

Home staging is an important part of real estate photography, as it can help a property to stand out from the competition. This can be done by decluttering and removing unnecessary items. It is also important to clean the property before taking photographs and holding open homes.

Getting the Right Light

Real estate photographers use different lighting to capture the best possible images of a property. This can make or break a listing, so it’s important to hire a professional who knows how to get the most out of your property. They will also know the right angles to shoot from and the best time of day to do so.

Photography, drone, walk through video and floor plans prices and packages. Travel charge may apply for projects outside Christchurch City.

Getting the Right Shots

Real estate photography is a mix of art and business. As a photographer, you have to find your artistic style and use it to capture the right shots for each property. It’s important to keep your eye on the industry and learn new skills as technology advances. However, don’t jump on every trend — it’s better to perfect one skill and use it well before adding more options that could potentially be subpar.

A great way to spruce up your real estate photos is by doing home staging. This includes cleaning, decluttering and mowing the lawn to prepare the house for open homes and photographs. It’s also a good idea to hire a professional if you can afford it. This will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Another thing to keep in mind is the camera angle. Wide-angle lenses can cause distortions that make rooms look smaller and distorted. You should also avoid pointing the camera at vertical objects. This can lead to an unnatural looking photo and may turn off potential buyers.

Other things to consider include experimenting with different lighting techniques. Some photographers choose to turn off the indoor lights and photograph using only natural light from windows. This eliminates unintentional color mixing that can lead to unnatural hues in the photos, which require more editing in post-processing. Other photographers prefer to keep the indoor lights on and supplement them with strobes or continuous lighting.

Getting the Right Sound

When you’re selling a property, it’s important to have quality marketing materials. This includes photographs and video. Getting the right sound for your real estate video will ensure that your clients can hear what they need to know about your property. A good real estate video will also feature the right music to help set the mood for your listing. In addition, you may want to consider using a drone for aerial photography to show the location and highlight key features of your property.

Prices and packages include aerial media, walking through videos, floor plans and photography. A travel charge applies for projects outside of real estate videography Christchurch

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