Water Soluble Film Manufacturers

The global demand for eco-friendly products is boosting the water soluble film manufacturers. Hectic lifestyles and the requirement for convenient food items is also driving the demand for these films. The food industry has started using them for packaging ready-to-eat foods such as snacks, ice cream, and beverages. The use of these films for protecting industrial workers from direct contact with hazardous chemicals is another factor driving the market.

PVA/PVOH is the dominant material used for making these films. This is mainly due to its versatility and suitability in various applications. It can be made into flexible and rigid forms. It is also suitable for printing and can be formed into cups, containers, lids, and bags. The water soluble film manufacturers are focusing on the development of products that can be used for different applications. They are also enhancing their production facilities to meet the rising demand for these films.

The US-based Monosol LLC (a subsidiary of Kuraray Co Ltd) has started a new production plant in Lebanon, Indiana. The plant will manufacture unit-dose packages for different industries. It is a $95m investment by the company. It has two other plants in LaPorte and Portage.

The company has been working in the protein and dietary supplement industry to develop pre-portioned supplement packets that can dissolve in shaker bottles to eliminate the hassle of measuring and mixing powders. The film manufacturer is exhibiting at Interpack with its partner, Changzhou Greencradleland Macromolecule Materials Co Ltd. It will demonstrate how the film can be formed into cups using its forming technology. water soluble film manufacturers

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