What Is an Air Cooler?

Air Coolers are portable and cost-effective cooling appliances that use evaporative cooling technology to lower the temperature of air. They can be used in homes, offices and even industrial premises to reduce humidity and make the surroundings more comfortable. These cooling devices operate by sucking in warm ambient air, which then passes through a honeycomb evaporative pad kept wet with water from a tank inside the device. The water absorbs the heat from the warm air and evaporates thereby cooling it and also moisturizing it. The cooled air is then blown out of the appliance via a fan. These devices work best in dry areas with low humidity as humid air is unable to absorb more moisture from the water.

Unlike air conditioners, which require a constant supply of water, this type of coolers operate using the principle of evaporative cooling, wherein the hot air is drawn in and passed over a wet honeycomb pad, causing it to evaporate with a help of a pump that continually circulates water. This is similar to the way sweat works in a human body as it releases the extra heat it has absorbed into the air through evaporation.

The evaporative air cooler is the best alternative to an AC as it is eco-friendly and doesn’t require any harmful chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) for operation. These devices also come with a smaller water tank and have the ability to run with only a small amount of water, saving you money on electricity bills. Moreover, they are cheaper than air conditioners to buy and to maintain.

Most modern air coolers have a host of features that are designed to make them more user-friendly. For instance, some models have a sleep mode, which turns off the air cooler at night to ensure you get a good night’s rest. Other features include a remote control, different speed settings and even a timer. A few even offer the option of controlling the machine with voice via smart assistants.

Some of the leading brands in this space include Orient Electric, Cooler Master and Voltas. The latter’s three-in-one evaporative air cooler and humidifier offers two fan speeds and a special sleep setting, along with a long cable for more flexibility in terms of positioning. Its compact size makes it easy to fit into tight spaces, making it a great choice for camping trips, college dorms and office desks.

The air flow is quite strong, so it’s worth leaving a window open near the intake, which will let in fresh air for faster evaporation. It’s also best to avoid adding ice to the cooler as it slows down the evaporation process and leaves you feeling less cool. However, if you do decide to add ice, be sure not to place it directly on the evaporative pads, as this can damage them. In addition, if you don’t keep the water tank full, it can be difficult to achieve the desired level of cooling.

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