How to Do Do Voiceovers – 5 Tips for a Great Voice Over

How to do do voiceovers Adding a voice over to your video brings the story to life, adds depth and context, and gives the viewer a chance to get to know you. A quality voice over also makes your video more professional, and can make or break the viewer’s experience. In this article, we’ll discuss five tips that will help you deliver a high-quality voice over that your viewers will enjoy.

1. Write a script.

The biggest thing that ruins a good voice over is unplanned pauses and “ums.” Writing out a full script before recording will prevent you from stuttering or talking about things that are not relevant to the video, and will allow you to practice your delivery to avoid long pauses and unnecessary verbiage.

2. Keep your pacing consistent.

Your pacing is the overall speed at which you speak, and how natural your narration sounds. A consistent pace will ensure that the listener follows your narrative, and that there are no breaks in the flow of information. It’s important to remember that you can use pacing to your advantage, too, by pauses being used for dramatic effect or to give the audience a chance to process the information that you’re presenting.

3. Maintain a consistent vocal tone and inflection.

Vocal tone is how you sound, and inflection is how the words are pronounced. Both are important to keeping your voice professional, as well as speaking clearly and not whispering. You can train your voice to be more consistent by practicing in front of a mirror and paying attention to how you pronounce each word.

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